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Being in the moment of Unconscious Presence…

It was a Sunday morning, woke up late than my usual early morning schedule; the week had been very hectic with back-to-back schedules and lots of things to do. My mind in the last couple of days was so occupied and could not find time to relax my mind completely. So, I decided to take a pedicure spa appointment. Usually, when I go to the parlor either I read a book or magazine or listen to music. This time I decided not to do anything but to be mindless. Be in a blank state to just enjoy the spa. But what I went through was in the true sense of being present unconsciously- being in the now. What does this mean? Unconscious presence is all about being and experiencing every moment without an internal dialogue inside the mind. We all at times have voices running within our minds while we continue to still think about a lot of other things and work or talk to people. We are present but are we truly present? Let me share something of my unconscious present moment.

I entered the parlor, met my spa therapist -Veena and she greeted me with her beautiful smile and chirpy voice, and asked me which products would I like to choose. Once I made my selection, I sat on the spa recliner there was mild music playing in the background, and made myself comfortable and she began with the pedicure process. This time when I was experiencing it, I felt every moment of experiencing it. Her hands moved like a Takumi (A Japanese artisan is called Takumi. They are a very specialized artist and when they work they are in a beautiful flow of their own), I could feel every movement of her hand, internal blood flow, how my veins in my feet moved, the sound of the feet exfoliator, grains of the scrub, water flow in the foot dipping tub, the hand pressure on my feet for massage. I was feeling, hearing & seeing every sound and muscle movement. I was enjoying it so much that my eyelids slowly started to close and for fraction of seconds I just slept & opened my eyes.
No words were running in my mind, no conversations within, I experienced a true time of unconscious presence. Once the spa was completed, I thanked her and left; I felt completely relaxed.

We are so busy within our minds that most of the time we when are doing something & we are parallelly also talking to ourselves within. The moment when our brain is not consciously thinking when we see all expressions of the face, feel each of the body sensations and hear every drop of sound is when we are being present in the now!

So…every time whether you are talking to someone or taking out time for yourself to do what you like, be in the flow of what you are hearing, seeing, and sensing. If you are talking to someone along with the words notice the expressions, muscles moving, eye saying beyond words. If you are doing an activity, be in the flow of how your hands, feet, eyes, and every sensation of your body.

Be in the Moment of Now- Unconscious Presence!

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