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Our Promise


At Enso Celtic Leadership, our purpose illuminates and energizes our path. We are laser-focused on creating transformations in the lives of people across ages, professional careers, and life.

The Power of The Imperfectly Perfect

As Catalysts, we are like the Charioteer (Saarathi) rhythmically facilitating transformations to help you achieve your desired goals. 

With a collective expertise of more than 60 years in the fields of Executive Coaching, Talent & Leadership Development, Mental Well Being, and Corporate Governance, we live by values of AUTHENTICITY, COMPASSION, and EMPOWERMENT. 

We believe that ‘Every Human Being is Complete Within’ and we all are ‘Imperfectly Perfect’. All we need is to build on our awareness and create actions that brings forth the better versions of ourselves.

Our Expertise

We believe in a three-dimensional approach for total and sustainable transformation.

Coaching, Supervision &

Leadership Development

Conversational inquiry based approach for creating awareness, generating action & facilitating learning and potential growth in Individuals and Corporate Leadership Teams.

Mental Health &

Intervention for emotional trauma, behavioral issues, anxiety, stress, and social wellness through assessment, psychotherapy, and counseling is the need of the hour.

Company Secretary & Corporate Governance

A corporate framework focusing on secretarial and corporate governance; legal compliances, and governance advisories that ensures you, optimal business functioning and growth.

Coaching is a conversational inquiry based approach aimed at creating awareness, generating action, facilitating learning and even enhancing performance. A coach partners to create, support and inspire in the journey of being and becoming the Compassionate, Successful, and Balanced Leader and Human Being.

At Enso Celtic Leadership, we offer our clients a wide range of coaching services including Executive and Leadership Coaching, Transitioning through Change Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Team Leadership, and Group Coaching.

Mental Health is an integral part of the well-being of an individual. It includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mental Health focuses on how we think, feel, act, and cope with daily life stressors. Disturbances in mental health can be due to any pre-disposed biological factors like genes or family history of mental health issues; life experiences/ events that are traumatic; lifestyle like substance use; and social factors like disturbances in the environment or peer groups.

Mental Health support is not constricted to disorders only but is also used to help with daily life problems like relationship issues, stress and anxiety, grief, career related issues etc. Mental Health support helps to develop a healthier and productive individual.

At Enso Celtic Leadership, we offer legal guidance and governance advisories as a part of our Corporate Governance services. We provide advice on Incorporation of Legal Entities; Implementation of Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made there under; Labour & Employment Laws, RBI & FIPB regulations applicable to entities registered in India; Insider trading and dealing; Risk management issues among other subjects.

We also work with Directors of organizations to help them understand their role, duties, obligations, and responsibilities. Apart from that, we partner with businesses for risk mitigation.

To Experience a Transformation

Our Services

Our wide range of services include:

Coaching for Individuals & Organizations

Executive Leadership/ Inclusion & Diversity/ Transitioning through Change through Individual Coaching, Group and Team Coaching across management levels globally.


Support to help treat mental health issues using talk therapy, CBT, couples therapy, family therapy, behavioral therapy, etc. It is a process and involves patience, persistence and practice to see a change in oneself.

Leadership Development

Supporting companies through development interventions like Organization Diagnostics, Talent Management & Leadership development 

Employee Wellness Program

Intended to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their job performance, health, and well-being. 

Coaching Supervision

Supervision is a reflective space, relationship and process to support professional practice where a coach can look inwards and understand who they are as a coach and how they show up to be in service to their clients. Supervision focuses on growth & development, well-being and application of best practices & code of ethics. Read More

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A therapeutic intervention that utilizes advanced methods of hypnosis (different state of consciousness) and other modalities to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems such as fears and phobias, anxiety and stress, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, weight management, smoking cessation and physical issues such as pain management, skin conditions and migraines, etc. 

Hogan Assessment

A scientific assessment used for hiring talent to executive leadership development that measures normal personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, and cognitive style.

Psychological Assessment

A standard method to measure your aptitude, mental abilities, behavioural patterns, personality, and oneself. It helps identify the different aspects of a person which they may or may not be aware of.

Company Secretary & Corporate Governance

Provide advice on incorporation of legal entities, implementation of company act, project management, risk management and corporate social responsibilities for Directors, Company and businesses. 

Systemic Family Constellation

An existential phenomenological approach developed by psychologist Bert Hellinger, uncovers & brings awareness of dysfunctional behavioral patterns, intergenerational traumas, and emotional challenges in systems and helps in fostering integration, harmony for personal and professional growth.

The Team Behind Enso-Celtic

Rekha Radhakrishnan Upadhyay, Founder

ICF PCC Executive & Leadership Coach, Coach Supervisor, Gestalt Master Practitioner, Systemic Family Constellations and Former HR Leader with 17 Years of Corporate Experience.

Radhika Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Associate), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Systemic Family Constellations, Queer Affirmative and Trauma Informed Therapist with 6+ years of experience.

KR Radhakrishnan, Advisor

Corporate Governance Professionals with Expertise in Secretarial, Legal and Accounting function.

“Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity.”

~ Jillian Michaels


“Rekha is an extremely effective and inspiring coach. I have been associated with her since 2016. She has helped me overcome various challenges in my personal & professional life. She worked on my mindset and thought process in such a detailed manner that now I have great insight and tools to work with for each phase of my life, and I feel extremely well prepared and confident in taking correct decisions independently. I can’t think of anyone except Rekha and would highly recommend her as Coach to those who are rethinking towards enriching their career and life.“

- HR Manager, Merino Industries

“I was frantically looking for a therapist when I came across Ms. Radhika. It was a time period where I just couldn't bear the pain and anxiety I was feeling even for one more minute. I remember those initial days of therapy when her Therapy sessions were my relievers and I used to look forward to them, whenever I couldn't bear it anymore. Therapy is a process, but there's always progress that's made and Ms. Radhika has been very patient with me on that. I'm really thankful to her for the assistance she has and is providing to me.”

- HS (28 years)

"Rekha is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive and wise beyond her years. She listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface that can hold us back or show us a way forward. Rekha was quickly able to assess my situation and helped me make a few small changes that, quite literally, catapulted me out of my problem. Not only did she help me to get unstuck in situations, but she also helped me move past a negative mindset that was affecting nearly every area of my life. Many good things continue to happen because of this shift! These leadership abilities coupled with her unmatched analytical and critical thinking skills make her a great asset to any organization.”

- Senior HR Consultant, Leading HR Consulting Organization

“I had been to a bunch of therapists/psychologists before reaching out to Radhika. She is trauma informed and someone who guides you through the process kindly but at the same time no nonsense which works like a charm.”

- Anonymous (23 years)

“Thanks Rekha for providing me mentoring and coaching on professional guidance to enhance career. Your sessions really helped me introspect my strengths and weaknesses and create a goal plan for improvement areas. I like your approach in sessions and it really helped me help myself. Looking forward to working closely with you. Thank you and I wish all the best in new year.”

- Senior Program Manager, IBM

“I suffered from Mental catastrophe i.e. nearly depression. I would like to thank Ms. Radhika Radhakrishnan for her continuous and periodic support through well organised and comprehensive sessions. She is excellent with her work, helped me to keep up and also assisted me in exploring self-worth.”

- A (27 years)

“The process of identifying problem has helped a-lot, helped me getting clear thoughts.”

- Director, Leading Technology Company

“I was one of those few selective students who got the chance to be coached and get self actualisation from the ICF team, Bangalore. I initially was confused of why would anyone help me out from my mind struggles and internal war. But later on, when I got the clarity of how this works it made a lot of sense. Thank you Mrs. Rekha Upadhyay ma’am for making me realise and put forth the truth for me to choose the best among them. You made this journey very important and a great change for me. I have learnt how things work and how much perception matters. You have made it easy for me to reach my goals and encouraged me to try for my betterment.”

- MBA student, Dayanand Sagar University

“It was a pleasure to work with you. Your calm and understanding approach made it easier for me to open up and feel safe in our coaching sessions. It was a great support to have you as my coach during a challenging period.”

- Professional Coach, Mentor, Educator & Speaker

“I suffered from Mental catastrophe i.e. nearly depression. I would like to thank Ms. Radhika Radhakrishnan for her continuous and periodic support through well organized and comprehensive sessions. She is excellent with her work, helped me to keep up and also assisted me in exploring self-worth.”

- A (27 years)

Thank you so much for helping me out and being there for me whenever I needed you. You’re not just a therapist. You’re a mentor and I look up to you. You’ve been a blessing in disguise. A true inspiration

- A 20 years old

“My 3 years of coaching experience with Rekha has been full of self discovery and realisation. Her impeccable coaching style combined with her patience is what makes these sessions unique and effective. My acquaintances and I have observed significant changes in my approach to a situation which have been key drivers in my growth and development during the course of this journey. I thoroughly cherish this long association I have with Rekha, seeking her guidance as a coach, mentor and as a great friend at every small step of my coaching journey with her.”

- Swaagata, Leading Global Technology company

“Radhika’s help has been monumental in my journey of finding and figuring out myself. I feel much more confident dealing with life and it’s stresses on my own now, and I feel like a different person even at a physical level. She’s empathetic, very patient and insightful and she’s helped me by giving me the tools to be the same. My life would not be the same without her, Thank You !”

- RB (23 years)

“You helped me when I was at my lowest and couldn’t find the clear path. After talking to you I got a clear view of what I want to do. And today I am at a very comfortable place in my life. Thank you.

- S (31 years)”

“I vividly remember the time before I started taking therapy sessions from Radhika di. I was lost in a bad place and didn’t know what to do. When I finally took the big leap of starting my therapeutic journey after giving it a thought multiple times, I was extremely nervous. But ever since that first session with Radhika di, I knew I could trust her and the process completely. Well it’s been easier with every passing day and I can say that I’ve grown tremendously and I am reaching out to become the best version of myself. She’s kind, empathetic, and everything that you would want to seek in a therapist. She’s my role model and I look up to her. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and well to be honest, my silver lining has been my blooming therapeutic journey with her. She’s the best.

- A (22 years)

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KR Radhakrishnan, Advisor

Corporate Governance professional with more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Secretarial, Legal and Accounting function. 

Presently as a Consultant, supporting organizations globally in implementation of some of critical aspects of business-like Corporate Governance principles, Secretarial Advisory, Legislative & Stock Exchange compliances etc. Serving as Independent Director on the board of Engenrin Power Pvt Ltd. 

Prior to this worked with leading organizations like GE, HCL Group, Samtel and IDM. At GE, Headed Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance matters as Country Head for all the GE businesses in South Asia. Managed about 40+ active Legal Entities of GE in India supported by about 15+ Company Secretaries. Represented GE South Asia in the GE Asia Corp. Governance Council.

Radhika Radhakrishnan, Co-founder

Radhika Radhakrishnan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Associate), family counsellor and queer affirmative therapist. She is a consultant at Miracles Mediclinic, Gurugram. She has completed a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology and M.Sc. in Counselling & Family Therapy. She has worked extensively in areas of stress, anxiety, clinical disorders, trauma, crisis intervention, relationships, emotional & behavioural issues across different age groups and strata. Immensely contributed towards spiral increase of mental health awareness through community support groups and volunteered counselling services for crisis intervention for emotional trauma and COVID-Anxiety with her co-initiated mental health awareness campaign- Mansa. She has conducted workshops like capacity building, life skills and work life balance for corporates and set up child guidance counselling centres at some government/ private schools in Gurugram. She has done extensive research on self, geriatrics, projective psychology, parenting, resilience building for clinical and non-clinical populations across different age groups and presented it at national and international conferences & symposiums.

Rekha R Upadhyay, Founder

Rekha is an Executive Coach and HR Professional with 15 years of professional experience across industries in human resource function. As a Coach, she is passionate to support people across life ages seeking life transformation. She facilitates the journey of moving inwards, unfolding the discovery of self & being and empowering them to identify their true potential and take actions towards their future. Rekha’s coaching style is person-centered, practical, supportive, direct and authentic. She weaves in her experience and expertise in Carl Rogers’ Being & Becoming of a Person, Gestalt, Conscious Business Coaching, NLP, Theory U & Systemic Coaching.